Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'll take addictions for $200, Alex.

Answer: Q-tips and chocolate

Question: What is Josee hopelessly addicted to?

I tried to give up chocolate for Lent this year. On Ash Wednesday, I was resolute. Then on Saturday, the Girl Scout cookies that I ordered in January came. This scenario seems familiar. I must have tried this another year during Lent. Why do Girl Scout cookies always come during Lent?! The more I try to stay away from chocolate (just to see if I can), the more I end up eating.

And as for the Q-tips, I use them whether my ears need cleaning or not. It just scratches an itch. I'm surprised my leg doesn't shake like the dog's does when we scratch in the right spot. We buy Q-tips in bulk - 500 at a time. I have them scattered all over the house. When we're almost out, I rummage through my bedside table drawer to see if I have a stash. This morning, I caught my son putting his finger in his ear and wiggling it around. He kept at it for a good three minutes or so, which is quite a while in baby time. Great ... he has my addictive personality.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the chocolate addiction, Josee. I gave up giving up chocolate yesterday (at Todd's request). He said I had proven my point to God and he couldn't take any more of my moodiness.

... can't say much about the Q-tip addiction, though.

Sarah S.