Friday, March 16, 2007

Want the truth? Read the business section.

From the CVS corporate Web site:

At CVS/pharmacy, our number-one goal is to provide outstanding service and value to our customers — while meeting their healthcare needs and making their overall shopping experience as easy as possible.

From a story in the business section about CVS' merger with a drug-benefit manager:

CVS’ purchase of Caremark “has the potential to get more patients to refill more prescriptions and bring in more revenue,” said Matt Kaufler, a fund manager at Clover Capital Management in Rochester, N.Y. “Right now, every patient who doesn’t get refills is a lost revenue opportunity.”

Which do you think is closer to the company's real objective?

Other gems from today's paper:

From a city of Durham advertisement about lead in drinking water:
The first paragraph touts the "Health effects of lead." One of my pet peeves is the use of the word health, when, really, they are talking about illness. Health insurance and health care are two prime examples. Let's be clear about this ... insurance and medical care DO NOT make you healthy. Neither does lead in your drinking water.
From a car dealership advertisement:
Opposites apparently attract in this ad. "Lifetime Limited Warranty. Unlimited miles. Unlimited time." Wonder what the limits are?
From a story about a couple struggling with high medical bills:
"When I match the value of my being a lawyer to the social value of a teacher, it's not even close," he says.

"... It's absolutely tragic that someone who spent their life training children to be valuable members of society should now be faced with medical bills exceeding their ability to pay."

Psst, hey mister ... Lawyers are one of the biggest drains on the sick care system in this country.

I got six hours of sleep in a row last night, can you tell? And since my son now has a little more upper body control, I can sit him on my lap while I type with two hands.

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