Monday, March 26, 2007

He's killing me ..

Two new photo albums are posted on the photoblog. Click here.

At my last posting, I reported a complete anomaly. Our son slept for nine hours in a row. Silly me, I thought we were turning a corner.

It was a fluke. The longest he's slept since then is 6 hours. Last night, he treated us to a serenade of ear-piercing shrieks. Either I'm getting more accustomed to this or I'm going insane ... my response was to just hold him up in front of me, stare at him and laugh out loud. This REALLY pissed him off.

Jim was "sleeping" through this little serenade and told me this afternoon that he was thinking the whole time "Just stick a boob in that kid already." Believe me, that was the first thing I tried. He wanted nothing to do with it. ARRRGGGHHHH! He finally settled down when I put him in the bed with me. I guess he was just lonely.

Baptism date

Danny will be baptized on April 15 after the 11:30 a.m. mass in the church where we were married, St. Pius X in Bowie, MD. Father Hill, the priest who married us will perform the rite. Anyone who wants to attend is invited. If you need to travel, here are two hotels in Bowie:
  • Hampton Inn
    15202 Major Lansdale Blvd., Bowie, 20716 - (301) 809-1800

  • Comfort Inn Bowie
    4500 Crain Hwy, Bowie, 21037 - (301) 464-0089

There will be a party afterward at the home of Danny's Nana Meehan in Bowie.

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