Thursday, March 08, 2007

I need a clear sugar bowl.

Normally, I have to put the fruit in very obvious places for my husband to find it. I never thought I'd have to do the same with the sugar. Let me explain ...

I have a very pretty, colorful ceramic sugar bowl that my best friend brought back from Italy for me nearly 10 years ago. It's beneath the coffee pot. Guess what's in it? Yep, sugar. I refill it when it's empty like a good little wifey. It never fails, the day after the sugar bowl is refilled, my husband will go to the trouble of getting his sugar from the bag. And then he leaves the bag of sugar on the counter.

Apparently, it's too much trouble to open the dainty little lid on the sugar bowl to see that the wifey has indeed not left him sugarless. I guess it's easier for him to find the sugar in the cabinet in a bag that is clearly marked than to simply peer into the sugar bowl to check the sugar status.

This seems to confirm my suspicion that if a man can't see something, it doesn't exist.


maryellenlewis said...

So so true.

Justine said...

and leaving it out - is that supposed to be a favor for you when you need some? instead of filling and putting it away?
aie ya aie! men ;)