Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Our son, the stranger

In just the past few days, Danny has become an entirely different baby. The number of screaming fits have decreased dramatically. He doesn't wake up shrieking an hour after we put him down for bed. He doesn't eat every two hours. I can put him down to play and not worry about him for at least a half hour. His attention span has more than doubled from 20 minutes to about 45 minutes of Sesame Street. He can put himself to sleep for his morning nap and I can even lay him down awake in his crib at bedtime. At dinnertime, we put him in his high chair and he has a conversation with us.

I was tempted to call the pediatrician yesterday because he was so mellow I thought something was wrong with him. He just fussed himself down for a nap a few minutes ago. And he even tolerated being carried in a sling yesterday.

Who is this baby and what has he done with my son? I feel a little guilty because I like this baby much better!

As for the sugar bowl ...

My husband's explanation:

"There's a 50-50 chance the sugar is in the sugar bowl. There's a 100 percent chance the sugar is in the bag. My life is all about saving nano-seconds."

So, apparently, he will use his precious nano-seconds to open the cabinet, get the bag out and open it, but not to lift the lid on the sugar bowl. And I guess it takes too many nano-seconds to put the bag of sugar back in the cabinet.

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