Monday, August 20, 2007

The well-groomed family

So, it's another 100-degree day here in North Carolina. This afternoon we ran an errand for a family member (FM). We picked up a very sweet, well-behaved dog named Lucy and brought her over to the halfway house, a k a our house. Seriously, in the past year, we've sheltered two cats, this dog, my brother, my cousin, and her friend, not to mention that baby we had in December. Not only do we keep taking in strays, we often serve as the I-40 traffic avoidance lounge as friends and family sometimes pass through around rush hour. It keeps things pretty interesting around here.

FM's e-mailed instructions read like a scavenger hunt. We picked up an Indian guy who had the key to FM's office. We followed his directions, in broken English, to FM's office to pick up Lucy's belongings. We took the guy back to his place and proceeded to the veterinarian's office to pick up Lucy. Next item on the list, contact the woman from Dalmation resue who will be taking Lucy.

Meanwhile, at home, we corraled Lucy in the den and unleashed Bob who had all but peed on the floor in his utter excitement. We gated them into the den to get to know each other. Later, outside, I turned to find Lucy swimming in the baby pool. Apparently, the heat was just too much for her. Jim took advantage of the situation and gave her a bath, washing all the kennel smell from her. Next, it was Bob's turn. He's not nearly as cooperative.

So after Dan, Jim and I also got our bath/showers, a very clean, well-groomed family took a walk around the block.

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