Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Okay, I guess we'll make it official.

The baby is walking. He has been taking up to three steps at a time since he was 8 months old. There, I said it. I'm thrilled for him, really, I am. And just as he's gotten more independent, he has also been wanting me to just hold him for a few minutes. Normally, he doesn't sit still with me. It's nice to have a lap baby again.

Anyhow, our nightly routine has been to steady him and let go. He then gives a gleeful shout and propels himself toward us, taking a few steps before falling forward into our arms. Each night he gets steadier on his feet. Each night you can see he's thinking a little more about what he's doing. He can now balance himself after he's taken a step and before he takes the next one.

Today he pulled up on his toy box, turned, let go and took two steps to me. Then, as I tried to steady him for round two, he pushed my hands away and looked straight at me with his tongue out.

"I'll do it myself, thank you very much," his eyes said.

When did he get such a personality?

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