Sunday, May 06, 2007

Salsa baby ...

Tonight we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant. And we took the kid with us. Since Dan has started eating real food, he often looks at us much like the dog does whenever we're eating ... which is to say, "You gonna give me some of that, right?" And my mother swears Danny got excited when she opened the fridge last weekend.

So, I nursed him before we left for the restaurant. I hadn't planned on feeding him dinner until we got back, if he was even interested at all. Sometimes, he just isn't. Right now we're just experimenting with different tastes and textures. He won't really need more calories until he's about six months old.

While there, I decided to give him a few fingerfuls of the guacamole. He does like avocados. Jim gave a him a fingerful of refried beans, which he heartily lapped up. Then Jim thought it would be a good idea to give him a taste of salsa. No reaction, at first. About a minute after the second spot of salsa, his face turned red and he began to fuss.

I hope we haven't scarred him for life.

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