Thursday, January 25, 2007

My mother's revenge

Post contains new photo link and a video, below.

In the past week, my son has managed to get through the day wearing one outfit. How on earth has he accomplished this feat? By developing the ability to projectile vomit. And his aim is pretty good. He always gets it on both my shirt and my pants so that I'll have to completely change my clothes (or I could just smell like sour milk all day).

My mother thinks it's hilarious. When I was a baby, I was a projectile vomiter. She gleefully relates that she would pack a change of clothes for me, her and my father. I have burp clothes in every room of the house. I've even considered using the receiving blankets he's outgrown as burp clothes to cover more area on my body while I'm burping him. We're definately going to need new furniture when we're done having kids.

Danny is quite a bit like I was as a baby. He's very active, sometimes falling asleep in mid-activity. He gurgles and coos before he vomits (so at least you get a warning).

Other milestones:
  • He sleeps in his crib during the day!!!

  • Jim actually got to read the entire paper the other day while Danny played on his playmat.

  • We actually ate an entire meal while he sat in his swing and just watched us. He was probably waiting for the perfect time to start screaming ... which came after I had eaten my last bite of food. How considerate of him!

  • He's wearing real clothes now instead of bumming around the house all day in footed pajamas.

I've posted some new photos of him on the photoblog. Enjoy!

Here's a nice video my dad put together.

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