Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mommy aerobics

When I don't get to take a walk with hubby, the dog and the kid, I'm still getting plenty of exercise. Danny likes constant movement. I often appear to be doing an aerobic routine when I'm simply trying to keep him content. I rock back and forth, sway, twist and turn, bounce my legs, pat his bum and more. Just carrying and lifting all nine and a half pounds of him is a workout. Even when I'm in the rocking chair, my calves are working just to keep the chair going. It seems to be paying off ... between the breastfeeding and the "exercise," I'm nearly 15 pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. (Please don't hate me ... remember, 40 hours of labor???)

Bad mommy?

Is it awful that I put my infant son in front of the television to watch Sesame Street and Arthur? There are certain times of the day when I just can't console him. Danny is mesmerized by the images on the screen. He appears to be watching the programs, though I don't know what and how far he can see. I do draw the line at Barney, which comes on after Sesame Street. The big singing, goofy, purple dinosaur is just unnerving. By the way, Jim and I can't figure out what kind of animal Arthur is. If anyone has some insight, let us know. We think he's either a mouse or an aardvark.

Right now, Danny is asleep on my lap and I am actually typing with two hands. What a treat!


Anonymous said...

Arthur is an aardvark, you were right.--Cousin Kelley

Jax and company said...

What kind of animal is Arthur? What about his friends?

The Brain is a bear. Binky Barnes is a burly bulldog. (Try saying that three times fast!) Muffy and Francine are both monkeys and Buster is a rabbit. Sue Ellen is a cat, Prunella is a rat, Fern is a dog and George is a moose. The Tibble Twins are bear cubs and, of course, the Read family appear at the front of the animal dictionary. They're aardvarks.