Monday, January 22, 2007

A cruel joke (on all of us)

On Thursday night, Danny Boy began sleeping through the night. In the past week, he's become increasingly social even if it is mostly with his stuffed toys, the mirror in his crib and his own fists. On Friday night, he started coming down with a cold. By Sunday morning, we were at the pediatrician's office. He's now being treated for a respiratory virus, I've got a cold and the sleeping-through-the-night thing is shot to hell. Remember I was sure this was some kind of trick? The doctor assures me that he will go back to sleeping through the night again.

The poor little guy has to be treated with a steroid delivered through a nebulizer at least three times a day. He's starting to feel and sound better, but he's still got quite a bit of mucus in his chest. It's weird to be taking care of a sick little person whose only way to communicate is by crying. I can only guess what part of him is hurting.

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