Thursday, January 04, 2007

Just one of the guys

I'm severely outnumbered here between my son, my husband and the dog. My son is already such a boy. He grunts, growls and grimaces, likes really loud music and is a messy, noisy eater. He makes fists and punches in the air, even in his sleep. In fact, if you approach him while he's sleeping, he'll make a fist (see photo). And he likes to be pat on the butt. It's a guaranteed calm-him-down move. I'm sure this is a guy thing ... I've seen football players pat each other on the butt. And now he farts.

Yes, Danny Boy has just learned how to fart. He used to just grunt and let out this pathetic, little squirt. He finally got it right last night and practiced his new skill quite a bit early this morning. He's very pleased with himself.

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