Wednesday, December 06, 2006

They found us, part 2 ...

We arrived home Saturday to find our mailbox stuffed with a package from our dear friends at Enfamil. Apparently, they wanted to make sure that we had some of their wonderful product, just in case the breastfeeding didn't pan out. I told Jim to get it out of my sight. He tucked it away in a cabinet.

Believe it or not, I'm pretty laid back. But even I can see how frustration in the early days can lead a new mother to try formula. You worry that the baby isn't getting enough. You worry that the baby will never latch on properly or quickly or without yelling at your boob for five minutes. Coupled with lack of sleep, inadequate help and poor nutrition, a new mom can get frustrated easily. Fortunately, I have good help, excellent nutrition and am getting enough sleep. I really haven't slept more than three hours at a time since I got pregnant, so this isn't so shocking. The only difference is that now I'm up for an hour and a half or so while Danny feeds and settles back down. He settles back down quickly when Jim is sleeping next to us, but cries a lot after he leaves for work. It also helps that he's getting better at nursing while lying down.


Pop Pop said...

This Enfamil scenario is not an awful lot different than that drug dealers lying in wait for that weak moment when they can sell what they have.
They lie in wait for that weak moment for someone that has enough money to buy what they are selling, then they pounce.


Pop Pop said...
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