Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sleeping like a baby

Whoever coined that phrase is a moron. "Sleeping like a baby" conjures up images of a blissful state of sleep. HA! Here's how my little one sleeps:

He sleeps for two and half to three hours at a time at night. Most moms I've talked to think that's just great. However, he grunts, fusses and snores in his sleep to keep me guessing and awake for at least part of the two and half to three hours he's snoozing. He won't sleep in the bedside bassinet, so he ends up nestled up next to my chest because if he's more than a foot from the source of food, it's a MAJOR crisis!

Maybe sleeping like a baby should be redefined. And since he's a perfect angel when other people are around, I just thought I would share a photo of one of his not-so-perfect moments!

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