Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Baby Bomb

Here is a photo of what my family room has become:

Jim used all four of these seats this morning to try to sooth the little beastie.

In general, we have way more adult chairs than we need. That's the joke around our house. My living room looks like a furniture orphanage ... we keep adopting stray pieces of furniture. Now my family room has four baby seats scattered about the room. In every room, there is some evidence of baby ... a pacifier, a bottle, parts of a breast pump, baby hats, a sweatshirt, a burp cloth, a dirty diaper, wipes.

How can something so small generate so much stuff? And, come to think of it, how can something so small generate so much laundry? It feels like I do laundry every day. The upside is that the noise from our washing machine sooths the little beastie. Our machine is pretty old and it sounds like it's going to launch when it gets going.

The little monster also generates quite a bit of trash. Before baby, we put our big trash can out to the curb every other week and even then we would have only two or three bags of trash in it. Somehow we've managed to put a full trash can out to the curb every week since Danny's birth. It can't all be diapers. My theory is that I have little time to sort my garbage into recycling and composting piles. I guess over the years we've built up pollution credits by recycling, composting, reducing consumption and reusing what we could. Now that we don't have that kind of time, we're cashing in our pollution credits.

And here's a new photo of Danny Boy:

"My eyes are open and I'm thinking seriously about screaming my head off ... but first I must rest."

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