Sunday, December 10, 2006

The 30-second Christmas tree

Last night, Jim, Danny and I went out to get our Christmas tree. In years past, we have picked the tree after a half-hour stroll through the aisles at Home Depot. My husband selects trees, twirls them and I provide commentary. This year, Jim picked up one six and a half foot Douglas fir, twirled it and I said, "Tag it and bag it." Funny how your priorities change when you are tired and toting a newborn around.

Contrast that with today's outing. We decided to bust out the stroller and take a walk around the block with the dog and the baby. It took us a half an hour to get the baby ready, the stroller ready, and figure out the baby bunting thing that you can attach to the stroller. Go figure. It used to take us 30 seconds to get ready for our walks.

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