Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tantrum of the day

It's always nice to start the morning with a steaming hot cup of tantrum, don't you think?

Danny's latest repetitive request is to "look." This morning, he pulled a step stool up to the counter so he could "look" at me cutting fruit for breakfast. No problem. I put the fruit in a cup for him to take to the table. I strapped him in his booster seat and then began cutting more fruit for us. I brought him the fruit in a cup.

That was a problem.

He screamed several times "Look ... get down" before dissolving into hysterics. He then quietly handed me the fruit piece by piece and said calmly "put back." I took it back to the cutting board. He began screaming at me to "look." I got him down and let him hand me more pieces of fruit to cut. Apparently he needs to watch me cut EVERY piece of fruit he eats.

I live with a schizophrenic toddler (or is that phrase redundant?).

By the way, the baby is doing great. Since she's not the squeakiest wheel in this house, I'm not writing much about her. Here are some photos.


Hi, My name is: Tim said...

Hey, give the little dude a break. You never know what mom is trying to put in your fruit when your back is turned... wheat germ, exlax, a lump of cream of wheat, I heard of one mother putting in a full llama.

Keep looking, Danny. Well, until you get your own royal food tester.

Josee said...

Sounds like something that happened to you?