Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One day only, read all about it

For 15 years, I've been muzzled by my job in the news media. Most of you have the luxury of putting a bumper sticker on your car, a cause on your social networking pages or a political sign in your yard. I haven't. I couldn't so much as donate to a political cause or sign a petition.

I've never been inclined to broadcast my views loudly or widely. I want to be free to have my views and live my life and let you do likewise, as long as our views and lifestyle don't infringe on each others' rights. But I haven't been free to even express my views in public. Today, I'm once again free to do so.

Fifteen years is a long time to stay silent. So here are a few things I'd like to get off my chest publicly:

  1. There's nothing to debate about illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants who carry signs saying "I am not a criminal" clearly don't understand the English language. If you broke the law to come here, you're a criminal and the USA should deport you. Hell, even the French are deporting their illegals. This view does not make me a racist and I am not engaging in hate speech.
  2. I support the Constitution and that includes the right to bear arms. There will be no freedom in a country where the only people with guns are the authorities and the criminals. In fact, if guns are restricted to use by the state, then we would all be criminals just for owning a gun. This does not make me a right wing extremist or a gun nut. I don't even own a gun ... yet.
  3. Too many people, businesses and institutions in this country rely on the government for their survival. Much of what the government does today was once taken care of by the community, churches, states or the free market. I'm not a fool or a dreamer to believe we can get back to that. My desire to return to smaller government does not make me a selfish, hateful, uncharitable person or a right wing extremist.
  4. Diversity extends beyond ethnicity and lifestyle choices. It extends to political and religious views that you may not agree with, too. If you want me to respect your political or religious views or lifestyle, don't label my views hate speech and me a racist.
  5. I believe abortion ends a baby's life and it makes me extremely sad that some women feel they have no other options. Someone or something has failed these women. We can do better. If you think this statement is judgmental, that's your problem. This does not make me a right wing extremist.
  6. Drugs should be legal. Not everyone who does drugs is an addict. But those who become addicts should be treated as sick people who need help and not as criminals. The war on drugs has ruined more lives than the drugs themselves.

I was going to reveal my vote for the last election, but I remember that my parents wouldn't even tell us who they voted for (though I'm pretty sure it was Reagan). Some things should just stay private. I wonder how much more civil the political discourse in this country would be if we were more tight lipped about our votes.

Of course, now that I'm free to express these views, Homeland Security could very well show up on my doorstep and brand me a terrorist threat.


Tom Daoust said...

Hey, Josee
I understand your frustration. Many people are muzzled. Look at the dumb incident with Miss California. The libs say she got the answer wrong. She says--and I agree--that she spoke her mind. Libs are for free speech as long as what you say squares with their odd view of the world.

You will make a lot of friends speaking the truth and you will alienate a lot of morons. That's the penalty for being true to your beliefs, speaking your mind, and not being intimidated by the libs.

Uncle Tom

Mary Ellen said...

Well said!