Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Halfway to a crawl

Fiona has hit another growth spurt, we think. Either that or she's just freaked out that her mommy is working all weekend. On Monday, she nursed all day long it seemed. And by that I mean from around midnight when I got home to 10 o'clock last night. It's on these days I wonder why I bother putting on a shirt at all. She didn't even take a nap. She just didn't want me to sneak way, I guess.

Last night she finally slept. I got seven hours out of her; that's in the normal range. We get anywhere from five to seven hours in the first overnight stretch, three to four in the second. Today, she did take a nap. But what I often fail to realize or just plain forget in the blur of activity here is to give her some time outside of her car seat or my arms or lap or her swing to move around. When I do that, she's one happy camper. Today, I put her on her tummy and propped her elbows up under her. She absolutely loved it. She watched Danny and I play blocks. Then later, she watched him play trains.

Right now, she's trying to sit up in her car seat. Gotta go.

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