Monday, March 02, 2009

It's just fact ...

  • No matter how slowly you walk, your toddler will always be dawdling ten steps behind you.
  • Your children will begin crying the minute you put your head on the pillow.
  • Your children will poop in their diapers as soon as you're all ready to leave the house.
  • Even if your baby just took a bottle, she will want to nurse the minute you walk in the door just make sure the milk is still there.
  • Even if your baby is sound asleep, she will wake up the minute you put a bite of food in your mouth.
That is all.

Danny's perspective

Danny's conversations with us are finally moving beyond discussions about water. For a long time, his most effusive conversations were about water coming down or going round and round or going down the drain.

Today he explained to Jim how my breast pump works.

"Booby. Booby horns," Danny said while putting his hands on the pump and then on his own chest. "Breast pump. Milk come out for Ona."

And now when she cries, he says, "Baby Ona crying. Hold it." Obviously, we need to work on pronouns!

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