Monday, March 23, 2009

Jungle boogieing through the day

My daughter slept for 10 hours straight last night. I tried to nurse her at 4 a.m. and she just wouldn't have it. I had to come downstairs and pump before going back to bed. And I didn't hear a peep out of Danny until around 8:30 a.m. Something about a good night's rest really makes a mommy believe she can do just about anything in a day or maybe I'm just frantically using the gifted time because I'm anticipating a turn for the worse. Some days they gang up on me, you know. Either way, today has been a good, productive day so far.

I actually dressed to the shoes BEFORE going downstairs. I managed to get dinner ready and in the crock pot by 9:30 while feeding Danny, nursing Fiona and turning the CD back to "Jungle Boogie" at least five times. I got Danny on the potty for a few minutes, too, after he told me "poopie diaper," which is his way of saying he has to poop (no poop this time, though). Then, off to the library where we find out that storytime is cancelled. Rats. That's okay. Danny just played with the puzzles and the other kids. When it was time to go, he followed. We came home, I prepped the raised bed for planting while he "helped." More nursing, Danny played bubbles on his own, lunch (English muffin pizzas), nap, and a quiet hour to plan our garden which we'll begin tilling and planting this weekend.

Danny is now asleep, taking his first nap in days. It would have to be today, too. I have to meet Jim at the bank. We sold the Escort this weekend and are making the transaction this afternoon. Now I must go wake him.

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bashtree said...

flylady would be proud :)