Monday, March 16, 2009

Closed door, opened window

This morning I took the kids to the library for story time, ran into a neighbor there and had a nice conversation with another young mom. She asked how old the baby was and if we had planned to have them so close in age. I explained that we just relied on God's perfect timing since it took us so long to get pregnant with Danny. Then I added, "Besides, I've always been given the strength to deal with whatever comes my way."

When I returned home, I saw my employer's name on the caller ID, checked the message and immediately called back. Today, the door closed on my 15-year career in journalism. I will not likely work in journalism again. Meanwhile I'll be trying hard not to jump out the window God has apparently opened for me.

My job seemed the perfect one to have with two small children. Nights, weekends, no take home work, no need to pay for child care, good pay. I now have to believe that there's a job out there that provides all of those things or that I will be given the strength to accept whatever arises. It seems impossible, but I've learned that impossible is God's specialty.

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Anonymous said...

... praying for you [one of the most talented writers I know].

Sarah Steele

You may find encouragement here.
I don't know the lady, but I've come to enjoy her blog through Proverbs 31 Ministry. She is an author, speaker, former journalist, & NC State grad.