Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's the simple things, really

It's one of those 100-degrees in the shade days here. Taking Dan outside in this heat is really out of the question - poor air quality plus pregnant mommy equals a mostly inside day. What to do with a very active toddler on a day like today without resorting to the boob tube??

Luckily, everything is a toy when your a toddler. As I began a phone call with my sister, Dan got up on the dining room table, sat down and began playing with a glass vase and some marbles. The vase is decorative, the marbles are the decoration and a silk flower is an accent. The marbles came out of the vase by the handful and landed on the table and on a ceramic oval serving platter with a satisfying clatter. Then the marbles go back into the vase, a handful at a time, clatter, clatter, clatter. Take a break and stack various small glass jars of food. Repeat ... for almost an hour.

Sounds dangerous, I know. But I was right there as my son was perched on the dining room table playing with glassware while his toys sat idly in the next room. (He's watching Sesame Street now, of course, which is why I can type this post.)

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