Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Biggest Hit

My readers may not realize this, but I have a nifty little counter at the bottom of the page. It tells me who has visited me, where they are, where the clicked in from, how many pages they viewed and how long they stayed. I check it once a day, but almost feel like I'm spying on people. Unfortunately, it doesn't track all the people who likely read my live feed on my Facebook profile. What can I say? I'm naturally nosy; after all, my name rhymes with the word. And I am a journalist at heart.

My visitors are mostly friends, family and friends of family members. I do, however, get quite a few hits from google searches. An extraordinary number of people click in from searches on how to make a brick hearth cover. I'm on the first page, ranked number five.

Today, I discovered that a message board for mothers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area cited my post on the subject and passed the link on to other moms. The funny thing is that I'm nowhere near as crafty as my sister, yet my little instructions on how to find inexpensive materials to build a hearth cover are apparently very popular.

Here's the post. Is this my fifteen minutes of fame?

1 comment:

Sarah Steele said...

I love your blog. I'm a reader and I'm not ashamed that you know it. You crack me up!
Sarah S