Thursday, June 26, 2008

Stripped of common sense

The recent spate of dire warnings from the almighty FDA about children and cold remedies has left the impression that nothing is suitable for children under 6 and that my child must just suffer miserably through sleepless nights and days until the cold runs its course. Of course, common sense (which has just been restored after a visit to the doctor's office) tells me that the child needs rest to get better. If a cold medicine affords him enough relief from symptoms to get some rest, then recovery will likely happen faster.

Apparently, according to our doctor, the FDA is run by a bunch of academics whose definition of efficacy is that the medication cures the cold and that there's no scientific evidence that the medicines relieve symptoms. Last I checked, there was no cure for the common cold. And all the "scientific evidence" I need is that a medication relieves symptoms so my child can sleep. Anecdotal evidence is just fine with me, thank you very much.

And it's not just my doctor; the pharmacist was similarly exasperated. I went to the pharmacy with the prescription he wrote. They didn't have the medication which was basically a prescription, 12-hour version of the OTC stuff. The pharmacist gave me the same exasperated line that the doctor had. I came home with cold and cough medicine and instructions to give him only a half a teaspoon.

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