Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feverishly hot

In the past three days, we've spent little to no time outside. Today, we went outside for less than two minutes. And in the middle of this ridiculous June heat wave, poor Dan has a fever. It has wavered between 100.6 and 101.7 all day. He's not himself, really. We do get short glimpses of his usual boisterous self before he gets lethargic and cranky again. When the fever gets too high for him, he just screams and won't let me put him down. It's kind of scary not knowing when this is going to break. The good news is that he's eating normally, he has the will to play, he's not vomiting, pulling his ears or coughing. I called the doctor, they called back but I didn't hear the phone because Dan and I both were fast asleep on the bed. It's nice to sleep with him again, though I have gotten a foot on my throat and a bum in my face a few times. He hasn't slept with me since last fall, I think.

Anyhow, other than Dan's illness, we're all doing fine here. We haven't burst into flames yet. So far the pregnancy is going well. I'm starting to get achy and crave my old standby ... whole wheat spaghetti with butter and Tabasco sauce (the heartburn special). And, of course, I'm nauseous. It's not as bad as it was a few weeks ago and not as bad as last time. I do have to force myself to eat breakfast and lunch and then, by afternoon, I begin eating like a horse until about midnight. I had the spaghetti around 10 p.m. and am still thinking about that beef burrito left over from dinner. Definitely different from last time when I couldn't eat, think about, smell or look at meat until at least my second trimester. This time, it's seafood that disgusts me. I passed by the fish counter at the grocery store this weekend and nearly lost what little I had eaten that day.

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