Monday, June 09, 2008

How does my garden grow?

My vegetable garden is in full swing. The downside now is the heat ... being outside for more than 30 minutes is just unbearable. For once, Dan doesn't cry when I bring him inside. Oh, and because I'm pregnant, the thought of most food repulses me.

The routine has been to go out after breakfast and before Sesame Street to weed the garden. Dan is my little shadow. He's very interested in what I'm doing. He does very well walking on the paths and not trampling the plants, but if I turn my back, he'll snatch a tomato from the vine. He doesn't get the concept of "not ready yet." Oh well. One of my tomato plants actually made a stunning comeback after it was mauled by Dan early on. Here are some photos of the garden's progress.

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