Monday, October 08, 2007

The walking Dan walks

Bowie, Md. - In a surprise move today, Danny Meehan let go of the couch in Nana Meehan's living room and took at least five unassisted steps without falling, according to sources close to the baby.

Previously, a heavy noggin and jelly knees hindered his progress. Today's development comes after more than two months of cruising along furniture and taking several unsteady steps before crash landing in his parents' laps.

Over the past week, he's exhibited signs of readiness to walk, his mother said.

"He's been getting braver lately, and more balanced. We've found him balancing against windows and doors with his head," said his mother, who expects to soon lose 10 pounds just chasing Danny.

Upon hearing the news, Danny's father said he, too, had noticed signs of Danny's imminent mobility.

"I've noticed him trying to decide whether he wants to let go of the sofa," he said.

Learning to balance and to sit from a standing position was key to Danny's success. His breakthrough, however, was not without pain. The past few weeks, Dan has sustained minor injuries - mainly bumps and bruises.

"He's finally learned that sitting feels better than landing on his face," his father noted.

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