Monday, October 22, 2007

Dan's morning in, Mom's morning out

When Danny was about three months old, I got a waiting list for the Parents Morning Out program at our church. The program is for 1 to 5 year olds. It's a once-a-week, parent-run, three-hour quasi-preschool - which, incidentally, is as close to "school" as my children will ever get. Older mommies might recognize this format. It was once called Mothers Morning Out, but we can't call it that anymore (even though there are no father volunteers in the group.)

We were accepted into the program in September and Dan started on Friday. I know two of the women and their sons, who are about Danny's age. On Friday, the nursery was being (wo)manned by one of these women, so he was pretty comfortable there ... maybe too comfortable.

When we arrived, he looked around, took in his surroundings, gave them a thumbs up and he was off. I had planned to stay with for about 15 minutes. He barely noticed when I left, didn't cry while I was gone and barely noticed when I returned. Even his friend Louie greeted me with a "Wow" when I returned. Where's the love, kid?

As for me, I went to get my oil changed and while I sat in the glorious quiet of the mechanic's waiting room, I wrote out a menu and a shopping list for the next two weeks. Then I went to the grocery store, alone. I returned to the church 45 minutes early. The next two sessions, I will be there with him since I'll be working in the nursery.

Here are some photos from his first day at PMO.

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