Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hidden motives

Certain foods disappear quickly in this house. Take a box of Triscuits, for example. One family size box will last two days if it's left in the TV room instead of put back in the pantry. So tonight, on a stroll through Target on an ice cream run, I picked up two boxes of Triscuits.

"Why do we need two boxes?" Jim asked.

"Because they'll last longer," I replied. "Maybe I should start buying two and hiding one."

"You already do."

"Where do I hide food?"

"I don't know, because you hide it."

I thought I was just putting the food where it belonged. Maybe I do hide the food, subconsciously. Is it hiding if I put the food in places he'd never think to look? After all, my husband would never look for crackers or chips in the pantry and sugar in the sugar bowl.

Yes, the sugar bowl is still an issue. But now I think he just does it on purpose. The first phrase I uttered one morning this week to my husband upon waking wasn't good morning, but "There's sugar in the sugar bowl, you know."

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