Monday, September 17, 2007

One of those moms

As a newly pregnant or even a new mom, there was always this running mental commentary of things that my child wouldn't do and that I, as a mother, wouldn't do. On the top of my list: my kid would not be nursed all night and snacking would not be a pastime.

At mass, the toddlers and preschoolers are constantly snacking and sucking down bottles or on sippy cups. With childhood obesity being such a concern, I wondered (still do) if feeding children to keep them quiet or occupied was wise. I also hated the idea of having a child who won't sleep through the night with any consistency. But with a baby around, be prepared to throw consistency out the window.

So here's my confessional:

I give my child goldfish crackers or Cheerios to occupy him while I fix meals. But I will draw the line at eating snacks during mass. Anyhow, as any good Catholic would tell you, you're not suppose to eat one hour prior to taking the Eucharist.

My kid sometimes sleeps through the night. And I sometimes nurse him in the middle of the night just to shut him up, er, keep him happy. We're well on our way to having a one year old who doesn't sleep through the night. Horrors.

I guess I'm just one of those moms.

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