Sunday, September 02, 2007

The bachelor's trash can has retired

You wouldn't think that the purchase of a new trash can at a steal of deal would be much to write about. Yet here you are about to read my neurotic ramblings about how a wonderful new addition to my kitchen has really put me in a good mood and signaled the end of an era.

For probably a year now, Jim and I have been stalking a stainless steel trash can for our kitchen. Jim's a chef, so he's in love with stainless steel, and well, over the years, the look has finally grown on me, too. We'd see these trash cans advertised for $60 (are you kidding me?), then lower, $40 (maybe, but still too high), then finally, we saw one advertised for $29.99 in a Labor Day circular. A 30-liter stainless steel step can with a bonus 3-liter step can. We also had a 20 percent off coupon for that store. Woohoo! Now, we have an attractive new trash can that we paid $25 for and I can use the 3-liter can to hold kitchen scraps for my compost pile instead of using old coffee cans or plastic vegetable bags.

How long have we had this ugly white trash can? Jim had it in his kitchen when we started dating eight years ago. We had to put this white plastic trash can in the pantry and close the door because a.) it was ugly and b.) it would get very dirty and c.) Bob would have a party with the contents of the trash if we didn't.

The whole experience is pretty indicative of how we operate around here. Even purchases as seemingly insignificant as a trash can are very carefully thought out. We stalk our purchases and go visit them from time to time. And when we do purchase something new, the old is not automatically discarded. The old white trash can is now in the family room where it will hold our recyclables.

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