Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday, the Holy Day of Obligation

As we got ready to go to church Sunday for the first time since Danny's birth, Jim said: "I didn't know Super Bowl Sunday was a holy day of obligation."

Not really, but we finally felt confident enough that Danny wouldn't scream his head off the entire time. And he did really well. We sat in the easy get-away seats in the back with all the other parents. I had to take him out only once to nurse him. By the end of mass, a nearby Daddy was holding his toddler and saying to him, "See, even that baby is being quiet. Shhhh."

Around our house, Super Bowl Sunday takes on the status of a national holiday. Jim thinks we should make up a back story to tell Danny about Super Bowl Sunday. So far we've come up with The Great [Jon] Madden as a Santa-like figure who brings snackies and lets little boys stay up late to watch football.

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