Sunday, February 04, 2007

Back to work

Since Danny's birth, reading the newspaper has become a luxury, done rarely, quickly and online so I could browse with one hand. My husband would often ask if I had read a story in the paper. And I would give him a withering look and say, "Are you kidding me?" He would then recount the details of the story for me.

Saturday he asked if I had read the paper. I smiled. Why, yes, in fact, I had read the paper - the night before at work. Never have I appreciated more the fact that I get paid to read the newspaper. I actually got to fix my hair, dress nicely, wear my cute shoes again and not get puked on for about 8 hours. And in the downtime at work Saturday, I even got to browse a few of my favorite Web sites.

The Danny Diary

We are plugging along with our bedtime routine for Danny. He's responding better than I thought he would. Each night I worked this week, I came home to find Danny sound asleep in his crib. Good job, Daddy!

Last night, he slept for four hours in his crib. That's the longest stretch we've gotten so far. I fed him around 12:30 a.m. and he went right back to sleep until 3:15 a.m. He ends up in bed with me after the second feeding simply because I'm too tired to sit in his room and nurse him. If he's in bed with us, at least I can sleep while he nurses.

He's been awfully cute lately and I've really missed him when I go to work. I almost hate that he's asleep when I get home ... almost.

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