Thursday, November 25, 2010


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day here. There was a fire in the fireplace all day long. There were pumpkin spice lattes in the crock pot.  And I somehow managed to cook a 14 pounds turkey, mashed potatoes, rosemary roasted squash, apple sausage stuffing (in the crock pot!!) and green beans and chocolate cream and pumpkin pies. Jim made some awesome dinner rolls. However, there were mishaps. I managed to burn the green beans, which I was steaming. Which means that I essentially burned water (Jim asked if I smoked the green beans. How cute.). And the cavity search of the turkey failed to turn up the giblet bag. I found it after cooking the bird and was fishing out little bits of paper from my gravy. All in all, though, not bad for a woman with three kids who hasn't had a good night's sleep in four years.

My parents took the two older kids overnight on Wednesday, which is how I got all the prep work done Wednesday afternoon and evening. Jim went to pick them up Thanksgiving morning which allowed me to get started on the cooking.  I'm always amazed at how inefficient holiday cooking is. I spent probably no less than six hours preparing and cooking the meal. We sat down to eat at around 1:15. My dad and I were in the kitchen cleaning up by 1:45. And this year, Danny said the blessing:

Thank you for food. Amen. Short, sweet and to the point.

I can't believe she's still dry, I say of Fiona who was wearing underpants for hours one day without a single accident.
Well, that's what happens when you spill your drinks all day long, Jim says.

Fiona, the potty is for everyone. Geesh, she pees in it one time and she thinks that she owns the potty.

Stop that! I was rather surprised to hear Fiona shouting at me in the kitchen one afternoon. She came downstairs on her own after her nap. Which means she can open doors now. I'm considering putting chain locks on several doors inside the house.

He's trying to put a round peg in a square hole, Jim says of Danny who is getting frustrated trying to put a toy on the shelf.
I think you mean putting a square peg in a round hole; that's harder, I point out.
Yeah, but [what Danny was trying to do] is easy, Jim counters.

Would you stop making a mess? I have to clean it up now. I don't like that, Danny tells me sternly as he sweeps the kitchen floor. Ditto, kid, ditto.

How did you get a tomato in your hair? Really, child, how?

No, Owie, you can't have my coffee, Jim says as Owie reaches for his cup. You stay up all night all on your own.

I just peed my pants. Ooooooohhhhh. This has to stop, Danny says. Um, I've been saying that for a year now, kid.

Gumbop, Fiona says. That would be "gumdrop."

Do you want a fig newton and a gumdrop? Jim asks.
NO, not two of them, Danny cries. (This is what happens when the kid has no nap.)
Daddy's so mean, Jim mutters.

What happened? What the heck. Danny exclaims upon seeing Nana and PopPop's gutted kitchen.

Why is the step stool in the sink? Jim asks Danny. Indeed. Seems young Daniel has a temper. I can't imagine where he gets that.

I want cereal, Fiona tells me, clear as can be. Who the heck taught this girl to speak in complete sentences?

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

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