Friday, November 05, 2010


I'm sick. I'm exhausted. I am supposed to be out of town right now. But I'm not. I'm in my kitchen at midnight, gulping ice cold water to soothe my sore throat. I made a decision Wednesday, a very, very last minute decision that I'm still processing. The only thing I know for sure right now is that it is never, ever, ever too late to change your mind about anything if your heart and your gut tell you not to proceed. No matter how much money is at stake, no matter how much time you've invested, no matter who else is affected by your decision, regardless of what others may think.

That is all.

Enjoy this week's offerings and maybe sometime soon I'll be able to process and tell you the what and why and how of this past week (as if you're all waiting with baited breath! Right?).

This is my space. Go find a place where I am not, I tell the kids. Seriously, they were crawling all over and under me while I was trying to type. How dare they.

When are you going to have another baby, mom? Danny asks. Um, how 'bout never? Is never good for you? It occurred to me later that for as long as Danny can remember I have been either pregnant or nursing.

Eggy, Fiona says as she points to the donut holes that Jim brought home. Considering that she doesn't like eggs, I think I'll just let her believe that one.

What did they talk about at church today, Danny? I ask

Goslings, he replies. Then he goes into a long diatribe about goose poop.

A few minutes later ...

Jim, Danny says they talked about goslings at church today. 
Oh, yeah, the holy gosling according to professor Gilbert. (PG is his stuffed, blind kitty.)
Darn, he's pretty good at translating!

It's sticking out, Danny says of his, um, member which is sticking out of his underwear.
Um, let me straighten out the waistband, I say, hoping this solves things. (It doesn't.)
It's still sticking out, he shrieks.
Um, just grab it and shift it over, I say. I am so not prepared to deal with boy issues. Who knew there needed to be a lesson on "shifting"? Jim, you want to take this one?

You know your kitchen floor is dirty is when you're sweeping up utensils, I remarked to Jim as he was making dinner.
He countered, You know your kitchen floor is dirty when you're sweeping up before dinner.

Good night.

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