Friday, September 24, 2010


It's been a decidedly unfunny week around here, so this edition will be a little thin. I considered compiling the most annoying things uttered this week, but why dwell on the negative? Besides, I can barely remember the positive, let alone the utterly craptistic things that went on this week.

Baby O is having a shift in his sleeping patterns—cutting out the early evening nap and going to bed earlier. However, he is also getting up for a few hours between 10 and midnight. I just let him boogie around on the floor until he gets fussy or till he poops, whichever comes first. Fiona whines about 90 percent of the time that she's awake these days and that's not an exaggeration at all. It starts after breakfast, the only meal she actually eats. She spends the rest of the day begging for grapes, gum, apples or anything that comes from a crinkly bag.

Danny, my little man, is doing well. He's just completed his second week at preschool. It's easy to paint dragons in the dark when your only source of information about what goes on comes from a somewhat unreliable source. He's said things like "I got to run away" or "I got to push the kids away." Also, when I picked him up Tuesday, the poster outside the classroom compiled all the children's answers to a question—everyone except him. My heart sank a little. I talked to his teacher Thursday and she said he's participating and playing, but she has noticed that he's figuring out how to maneuver around the kids and that he has an aversion to loud noises (huh?? this is the loudest kid me and most of my friends know. a friend of mine wants to record his scream for a Halloween soundtrack.). Oh, and I caught him really reading the words in "Hop on Pop" the other day. Wow!

So it seems that's the way it goes 'round here. Usually I can count on at least one of the three to give me easy time. It's a good thing, since I have only two hands and a couple shreds of sanity left. Anyhow, here's what I've heard and remembered this week:

Danny, screaming at Fiona: You own nothing!!
Me: Um, neither do you, Danny.

Why is the road tipping? This is what Danny says to me when we go around a curve. We've officially entered the age of why.

Hey, look, the sun made it to church! Apparently, he doesn't yet realize that the sun is the center of the universe, not him.

You look ridiculous. But you sound much better, Jim says after I hand Fiona her pacifier. We've been de-emphasizing the paci lately. She can do without it, but sometimes mommy still needs it!

Apparently, we haven't starved them enough today, Jim says one night as our children do everything but eat at the dinner table.

Have a great weekend!

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