Friday, September 10, 2010


It's been a big week here. Danny started preschool! And he came out at noon wearing the same clothes he wore in and he learned the name of at least one other kid, just like Daddy asked of him. I was thrilled! His favorite activity of the day was playing with rocks on the slide. He was delighted that he got to sit on the red letter S on the rug during circle time because, you know, he is red (This kid is wearing red socks today with a yellow shirt and army green shorts with orange trim. I said nothing at all to him about this.). Owen had his first mouthful or so of bananas this week and seemed to really like it. Fiona may be ready to potty train. I pulled the little potty and some training pants out yesterday and let her practice pulling pants up and down and sitting on the potty in the backyard. She had a blast. I'm trying hard to convince her that girls don't pee on trees.

Oh, and this weekend, the two younger ones will be baptized. Please pray that Danny doesn't run screaming from the sanctuary (he doesn't like loud noises, you see), Fiona doesn't punch the priest and Owen doesn't pee or poop on him (they do naked baptism of babies at our church).

And without further ado, here are the week's most interesting and funny quotes or just what I can remember.  

Me: Did you like [preschool]? Danny: No. Me: Did you have fun? Danny: Yes! Well, I'm confused, how 'bout you?

Hey, he has no shirt on. HEY, YOU HAVE NO SHIRT ON. Danny says this very loudly as a shirtless man jogs by. (Maybe my son can put a stop to this unfortunate trend by shaming the men who jog by our house, hm? Let's hope.)

I'm gonna take my shirt off like a man! See above. Thanks, hairy shirtless dude!

Mommy, I hurt. I need a graham cracker. [pause] And some marshmallows. Ah, the old graham cracker and marshmallow cure.

My head is hard. [pause] My poop is hard. Danny explains this to me after an attempt at his daily poop. Boy, does this explain a whole lot about the last year of my life with this kid.

Me: Is that a baby crying? Hubby: No, it's just Dave Matthews. Eh, same thing.

And my personal favorite ...

Let's pray with our eyes open.  I think he's on to something here. Yes, let's do pray with our eyes open, honey. That way we can see all that God has done for us. 

Have a blessed weekend.

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