Monday, February 23, 2009

Postmortem on Outing #2

New photos added to the February photo album. See link at end of this post.

This morning was my first real day alone with the kids. Friday just felt like a practice run since Danny was at church in the morning.

My worst fear has been that I would be too exhausted to cope with the demands of two kids. And by 4 a.m. today I was certain that fear would be realized. Thanks to my husband, that didn't happen. As Jim was getting up for work around 4, I asked him to just take Fiona downstairs. She has trouble going back to sleep after the early morning feeding and I was getting frustrated and anxious. He gave her a bottle and put her in her crib shortly before he left for work at 5:45. I slept until she started fussing around 6:30 and brought her to bed with me. We slept until around 8:30, when Dan got up. I got the both of them dressed upstairs, then down for breakfast.

Fiona is definitely feeling the strain of divided attention. She's been crying more, mostly because I can't always get to her right away. She cried while I got our breakfast ready and I ended up nursing her while I ate yet again. Danny seems to be handling the division of attention really well, though. In fact, today, I read him books that he brought over while I nursed Fiona. (Is this how I'll finally get him interested in reading? Maybe so.)

Mondays we usually do Tot Time at the gym. Since our Wednesday play date family is out of town this week, I decided to save the gym for Wednesday and do story time at the library instead. Between the time we all got up and dressed and the time we left, I had changed Fiona's clothes twice and her diaper two and a half times - twice for poop, the half was when she peed on the diaper before I even closed it. Danny had to be changed only once. I'm beginning to feel like a pit crew member for the Indy 500. This time, I packed one diaper bag, but left it on the sofa, forgot to bring a snack and drink for Danny, and was really pushing it with Fiona's feeding schedule. Luckily, she slept most of the time we were at the library. Danny was fantastic today - didn't give me a bit of trouble leaving the library, getting in and out of the van or even going back in the house. He came right up the stairs for nap time and went to sleep for two and a half hours. Fiona and I chatted for about a half hour and then slept for an hour or so until Jim came home at 3:30.

Oh, and at the very crowded library, I saw some of the Tot Time mommies. Odd, I thought. Turns out the rec center is closed this week for maintenance. So not only is there no Parents Morning Out on Friday, but there will be no Tot Time this week either. Looks like I'm jumping into the deep end without a life vest this week. At least the weather will be nice enough to go the park on Wednesday.

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