Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where's the baby's off button?

Hint: It's not on the baby monitor. I've tried that one. All it does is mute the baby.

Dan's off button is in his ears. Don't worry, I'm not going around sticking my fingers in his ears willy nilly. When I'm nursing him, I often take the opportunity to clean the wax out of his ears. As soon as I start messing around in there, his eyes begin to droop. Excellent.

Dan story of the day

Jim and I were sitting in the living room reading the paper while Dan was doing his evening laps and making pit stops along the way. He travels down the hall, bangs on the return that we had to screw shut, goes into the dining room, looks out the front window, squeals and then proceeds to the china cabinet and throws the gravy boat around. Tonight, he found my sushi dishes. Next it's on to the kitchen where he peruses the spice rack. All my spices were once arranged alphabetically. Obviously, I've given that up. When he didn't return to the living room in his usual time, we checked on him. He was quiet but there was an occasional clink of metal. That's when we found him. He had made a ramp by propping the top piece of the broiler pan on the edge of a basket and was trying to climb up to reach the top shelf.

Jim was practically bursting with pride. He said, "He's done his first constructioneering project."

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