Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Adventures of snooger bot

Jim and I always said our son would be running by his first birthday. And we were right. Even though he's got a cold, he's a quick little snooger bot. Those wise to spoonerisms will understand the nickname. Hey, it's better than dingleberry, which I found out its disgusting definition only after calling him that for a few weeks. Look it up (dictionary.com) ... I'm not repeating it here.

Dan has a cold, or, as overzealous doc calls it "an upper respiratory infection, and he's cutting two teeth and he's trying to run. He's snotty and drueling and coughing and has at least four bruises on his forehead - from falls and banging his head on the wall. You'd think a sick baby would sleep, but not my child. Dan is an awful lot like me. He fights everything ... sleep, direction, suggestions, sickness.

So this morning, I just let him play until he started getting clumsy. I found him rooting through my china cabinet, happily tossing about a metal hors'doevres tray and a gravy boat. I decided to leave him be since he hadn't gotten to the fine china yet. A few minutes later, he howls. He's under the dining room table with his bum in a soup bowl. Not even sure how he physically got in that position. Okay, china cabinet roulette is over. Time for the next adventure. He toddles all over the downstairs, then checks that I'm still where he left me before resuming his travels. Sometimes I try to gauge where he is by the sound of his footsteps or some little noise he makes. Lately, though, when I call out to him, he goes into stealth mode. He's learned how to hide from me. Great. Even though there are baby gates in strategic locations, my heart is still in my throat when I can't find him right away.

Anyhow, we went to the doctor's office this afternoon and he mentioned the dreaded A word (Jimmy's first guess was a--hole). Asthma. Since Dan had an upper respiratory infection when he was six weeks old, he now has a history. The doctor says we'll just have to watch him, he may have mild asthma. Seems a bit of a stretch to me, but we have a nebulizer and a humidifier. We've nebulized him once today and it made a world of difference.

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