Thursday, November 09, 2006

The countdown has begun

We had an appointment at the birth center today. Danny is doing great. His heart rate is good (140 beats per minute), my blood pressure is low (112/64) and my weight gain is nice and steady (only 12 pounds so far!). The midwife thinks Danny is about 6.5 to 7 pounds right now. He has dropped down quite a bit and is head down. In fact, he's dropped down so far that I visit the bathroom these days whether I need to go or not - I just think of it as a pre-emptive potty break. The bathroom is my new office.

I think I'm nesting, too. This week, I've done a lot of investment cooking. I've made chicken broth, meatballs and chicken pot pies and all are going into the freezer. The pantry is stocked, organized and all the contents of my fridge, freezer and pantry are catalogued so I know what we have. I actually alphebetized my spices and oils and vinegars so my mom can find her way around my kitchen when she's here. If you think that's just a little obsessive, you should see the instruction notebook I have for her! The baby's clothes and blankets are all washed and folded. The baby first aid items are all lined up. The Thank You notes are all written. I've also sewn a few things for Danny. I made a boppee cover, a sling and a baby bunting.
Timmy's cat Penelope was the sling tester ... hehe. She was a good sport, sort of.

But other signs point to a bit of "unreadiness" on my part. My birth center bag is packed, but not zipped. I can't bring myself to buy diapers yet. I go down the diaper aisle, look at the choices, flip out and go home. And I let my gas tank get dangerously low despite knowing that I could go into labor at any time. It's almost like I want to drive with no cash, no map, no cell phone and a low fuel light on just because it may be the last time in my life I can get away with it. Jim insists I get some gas in the Volvo tomorrow. Okay, fine!

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