Sunday, November 26, 2006

Adventures in nesting

Mopping a floor should be one of those household tasks a woman my age should be able to do at least adequately and without mental gymnastics. But alas, I always end up mopping myself into a corner, then getting frustrated with the entire process when it seems that all I'm doing is pushing dirty animal-hair laden water around my kitchen floor. And, yes, I did sweep the floor before I mopped. Tip: Never, ever have a white kitchen floor (or walls for that matter).

I just mopped my kitchen floor and attempted to bleach my white, but dingy, kitchen walls. I'd say I'm probably nesting. Everytime I look around, I see a cobweb in a corner or on the ceiling and that just won't do. As for the kitchen walls, nothing short of painting them will satisify my need for clean walls right now. I've even put together a menu for each night of this week, despite the fact that I may be having a baby one day this week or at least, GOD PLEASE, before my gallon of milk expires on December 5.

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