Friday, January 27, 2012


Good morning. I actually have the morning to myself. I decided not to spend it grocery shopping or doing things for other people. Okay, well, maybe I did a little something for other people. I promised the kids I'd have lemonade and their favorite, grapple (grape & apple) juice, for them by the time they came home from PMO. I'm such a sucker.

We've all been sick the past week or so. The baby isn't sleeping well and I'm the great enabler who nurses him every time he wakes up. The oldest is trying to kick the pull up habit so our nights are filled with crying, wet children once again. Princess Fiona sleeps through the whole thing. She's my favorite right now. She turns 3 on Tuesday!! (Stay tuned ... I'll likely post something profound and wonderful in the coming week about her.) 

I told Danny that I would wake him up and take him to the bathroom before I went to bed.  The first night without pull ups he sat at the top of the stairs shortly after bedtime, holding himself and crying:

You didn't wake me up. 
Well, you weren't asleep, I replied, puzzled.Wait, do you need to go to the bathroom right now?
Then go! (Did he really think he couldn't go to the bathroom after bedtime??)

And this is the kid who wants to learn Spanish. We have one book with Spanish words in it. (I know, I'm a horrible mom. Only ONE bilingual book in the house? Shoot me.) He's memorized and uses a few of the words, leche and zapatos being his favorites.

Mom, can I have some leche in my zapatos? Cute.  I know have the Oxford Dictionary online's Spanish English dictionary bookmarked and whenever he asks what a word is, we look it up and listen to the pronunciation. Homeschooling has never been so easy.
Buckle my seatbelt. My hands are full, Danny says. Um, excuse me? 
Look, kid, I'm not here to randomly do things for you that you can do for yourself. You got that Napoleon?

STOP SCREAMING, Danny screams at his sister.
When you tell someone to stop screaming, you shouldn't scream, Danny, I tell him. Do you get it?
I'll take the blank stare as a no.

I get a higher number when I jump on it, Danny says. Guess what "it" is? The scale.  

Did you just go through the walls [to get through the maze]? 
Yeah, because I'm heavy. I knock down walls, he replies. Well, that's cool, I guess.

What did that guy do?
[That driver] made a risky move and almost had an accident.
He's a bad guy.
No, honey, he just wasn't being too smart.
His brain wasn't working.

And he continued ...
Someone should call his mommy.
Oh, and what would his mommy do?
Scream. Which is something his mommy never, ever does. Ahem.
That's actually a good idea. Whenever you go before a judge, he should ask for your mother's phone number, Jim says. And we will all be so thrilled to be getting calls from judge's for the rest of our lives, won't we?

Just ask her for it and wait for an answer, I tell Danny.
FiFi, can I have that?
No. Oh, boy. I didn't tell him what to do if she says no.
She said No, Mom. 
Well, honey, try again later.
I don't want to do answers, he wailed. Life is so hard when you're sister is 3. 

Look, I tell Jim, I organized Owen's drawer so I can see all the shirts. 
You know what you're job is, he calls to Owen. Grrrrrrrr.

We miss Bob, don't we? Danny and I were talking about Bob one day.
No, no, I can fly up to the sky because that's where heaven might be.

This food is good and healthy for my belly button, Fiona says.

Good night. I love you, I tell Fiona.
Thanks. Boy do I feel sorry for her future boyfriends.

DiDi, wake up, Owen says to his sister. Awww.

I'm going to Krogert, Fiona says. I just love mispronounced words.

You doing good? Danny asks into a banana that he was pretending was a phone. Hey, why you not there? Well, for starters, you're talking into a banana.

Have a great weekend. I'll try not to be a stranger here.

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Monica said...

seriously? your kids should do stand-up.