Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sibling law

Danny and Fiona fight like cats and dogs right now. Actually, I think cats and dogs would be more tolerant and predictable. Near as I can tell, the following are just a few of the rules in the most dominant sibling relationship in the house thus far ... 

If my sibling has a toy, I must immediately develop a desperate need to have a turn with that particular item.

If my sibling wants to go to one park or take one particular route on a van ride, I must select a different park or the opposite route. Always.

Even if there are two exact replicas of a cup, plate, toy or any item of clothing, we will fight over them. And we will know which one belongs to us. It's the one that he has in his hands.

Merely walking by me is a good enough reason to tackle her.

Being within five feet of any item that I want, have or once touched is reason to scream bloody murder.

If my sibling is saying something that clearly isn't true, such as the sky is green or that she has a penis, I must protest loudly then appeal the case to mom (who really could care less).

At bedtime, I must cry when I am separated from the sibling that I have spent the day fighting with. Just because.

After bedtime, I must steal into my sibling's room to quietly do puzzles and read books to her. Just to make mom wonder why we can't get along like this all day.

At 6 a.m., I must leave my bedroom, making mom search the house frantically and even peek out the side door, only to be found curled up with my brother in his bed. In about an hour, I need to start tormenting him. Best get a head start.

God help me when Owen starts figuring more prominently into the mix.


Tracey said...

Are you talking about your kids or mine??? :)

Monica said...

hahaha! ditto what tracey said. ;o)

Josee said...

Yeah, I pretty much thought this was universal! It's maddening!