Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Diary of an omniturnal mom

Year of the Ear, part 2 or When Will This End? (Seriously. Mommy has had enough, 'kay?)

Thursday, a week ago

Mommy has officially added a new title to her list: Ear infection detector. After four days of the baby having a mild fever late in the afternoon, mommy finally calls the doctor. She suspects the ear infection has returned.

The kid just isn't himself. Usually, he's a happy little snuggle-up-agus. But the past few days, he'd been snotty, crying, sleepless (well, more than usual) and not eating very much.

Mommy calls at 3, the receptionist says, "Can you be here by 4?" and mommy agrees, even though it means she may be hauling three children into the office, two of whom are still sleeping. Luckily, her husband can get home in time. The two of them are like ships passing in the night these days and today is no different. No sooner is he home than she's out the door with her miserable little snuggle-up-agus.

How miserable is he?

He wouldn't even waggle his head on command for the receptionist. Usually he waggles away for just about anybody.

Upon seeing the doctor, mommy admits that she didn't give the baby all of his last round of antibiotics because, well, she just forgot. And it was too hard. Like giving a cat a bath and a pill at the same time, actually.

The doctor confirms mommy's suspicions. Ear infection. Double, in fact.

So the doctor prescribed the antibiotic for delinquent, inept parents. Half a teaspoon, once a day for 10 days with a little extra for the inevitable spillage.

Dosing is officially daddy's job now. Mommy took that title off her list when she got medicine in the screaming baby's freshly shampooed hair and then growled at him that he'd have an ear infection for life. Then she gave up. And her prediction came true.

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Mary Ellen said...

Patrick got tubes in his ears when he was 4 months old. Not really for infections, but because he had thick fluid that would not drain and his hearing was minimal at best (above 70 decibels or so) and now with the tubes he gets ear infections!!!!!!! It's getting better (fewer infections) but I totally feel your pain here. He will outgrow it eventually.