Friday, February 18, 2011


This is the best week we've had here in a while. The weather is getting better. And the brain fog has finally lifted for me. The kids aren't any less irritating and the baby isn't sleeping much better but I'm just not as annoyed.

Anyhow, there's not much to report this week. Everyone is healthy. In fact, Owen went in for his 9 month appointment. His stats stand at 21 pounds and 30 inches tall. He's definitely the biggest baby we've ever had. He's quite a lump to be lugging around. It's a good thing he'll probably be walking within a few weeks. He cruises around the room quite quickly now and we've even noticed him "thinking" about taking a step. God help me. And he's starting to have little tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He cries and gets red in the face when we close the dishwasher or refrigerator before he can get there.

And without further ado ...

Help me, mommy.
Honey, I can't help you eat cereal with a fork. Yet she insisted.

What do you want for Christmas? Danny asks.
Happy Birthday to you, Fi says.

Get out of my damn way, Danny says to Owen.
Oh, no, Danny, we don't talk that way, Nana tells him.
It's okay to talk to Owen that way. I pray, fervently, that he NEVER says anything like this at preschool.

Angel food cake! There's angels in here? Yes, of course. Digestive angels, anti-diarrhea angels.

What are you doing? Jim asks as Danny flits about his bed.
I'm stuffing my guys. His guys are his stuffed animals. He was stuffing them down under his covers. He arranges them just so every night.

What are you guys talking about? I asked Danny. The two of them were sitting under the dining room table chattering away.
Diarrhea, Danny says. What's diarrhea made of? Wood?

I like your eyeballs, Fi. They're round. Danny is experimenting with conversations with his sister.

I broke it. Uh. Ooohh. I'm weird. This is so much more hilarious coming out of Fiona's mouth. I crack up every time I hear it! I need to get a video of this one.

Say yes. 
Say yes. 
This really could go on all day between the two of them.

Well, Daddy and I are heavy because we're bigger and older. You and Fiona are light, I explain to Danny. We were reading a book about opposites and the heavy example was an elephant.
Oh. You're like an elephant, he says.

Have a great weekend.

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