Thursday, October 07, 2010


It's been quite relaxing around here lately despite Fiona's nearly nonstop hyper-whining and Owen's inability to go back to sleep between 10 and midnight. There's been lots of play dough sessions on the back porch, free play in the backyard and even a trip to the Museum of Life and Science. I also started approaching Danny's defiance and disobedience a little differently this week. I've managed to take some of the emotion out of it and it's made a big difference. Case in point ...

One day this week, Danny pooped his pants a little while doing computer games. Don't you just love stories that start out with poop? I told him to go upstairs to get cleaned up. I mentioned that computer games were more important than going potty so there would be no more computer games that day (Thanks to sister Jax for a tip on how best to convey consequences). I figured this would be a good time to give him some choices as my brother suggested this past weekend (when in doubt, ask a shrink with no kids, right?). Upstairs, I gave him two choices: take a nap or poop in the potty. He balked, he cried, he whined. I repeated the choices.

He told me, through tears: "I don't want to do choices."

I laughed. (Is that allowed?) Then he laughed.

He took a nap.

And in other news ...

You need to say "Yes, ma'am," and move on with your life. This is my new line when Danny begins to argue with me. So far, it's been working. He quiets down and moves on with his life.

You need to come this minute or mommy will think of something dreadful to do to you. I didn't think it would actually work, but he came and we left the museum quite peacefully.

I'm going to put my nose in the corner. [pause] That's a good idea, Danny tells me on his way to the new timeout spot. Time out is no longer in the cushy chair that we found on the curb years ago and reupholstered. He just sits there and taunts us. The time out spot is now a corner that he faces and puts his nose in. He's been there only twice this week.

And the aftermath ... 

Your sister's head is not a baseball, I tell him. His response? "Oh." (it's as if he thought his sister's head was a baseball all along.)

Danny: I don't like public. (talking about preschool, as I had just told him that when he burps in public he should say "Excuse me.")
Me: Oh? Why not?
Danny: It's loud and scary. 
(You know, sometimes I feel the same way.)

Danny, giggling and pointing to a picture of a man with no hair: That's silly.
Daddy: Um, that's normal for some people, Danny. 

Sit still. We only have 30 more snaps to go, Jim says as he's putting Fiona's pajamas on. We hate snaps in this household.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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Momastery said...

i don't like public or snaps either.