Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another Danny story

Danny's world view is very interesting these days. I wish that I could remember every funny, quirky thing he utters, but alas, my pregnant brain can't keep up. That's why it's good when relatives chime in with their own stories.

This weekend, Danny spent the night with Nana and PopPop. PopPop played his "new" to him vintage Gibson Kalamazoo bass guitar that Nana found on eBay for him. It was a fixture in their courtship nearly 40 years ago. In fact, my mother claims he held it as much as, if not more than, he held her. Danny has his own little guitar that he just loves. It's just a plastic guitar with a few buttons that play different songs on it (it's very annoying, worse than elevator music ... I was practically giddy last week when I had the chance to confiscate it for punishment's sake).

So this weekend, PopPop got it out, plugged it in and played some tunes for a wide-eyed and interested Danny.

Here's what PopPop reports:

"When I got to the bridge where I walk up back to the beginning of the bass line, he would get all animated and start to dance.

"I thought that was cool, until we talked about it a few minutes later in the kitchen with Nana. I asked him 'Did you like PopPop's guitar?,' and he said 'yeah, mine has buttons.' Just one of those moments you can't write the script for."


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