Thursday, November 19, 2009

On strike

Did you ever get up in the morning and just wonder: What if?

What if I didn't get the 3 year old, otherwise known as Dr. No, up out of bed and get him started for the day? How long would he stay in his bed "tickling" his monkey Dennis? Just when exactly would the pull up he's been wearing all night explode? Would he follow the routine that is surely ingrained in him by now? Go potty, take off jammies, pick out clothes and get dressed.

It's been said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is, well, just plain insanity. Actually, it sounds a lot like parenting to me. After days of every little thing being a fight with him, I'm exhausted.

"Let's get dressed Danny."


"Breakfast time."


"Potty time."


The only things he says more than "No" is "want ... " followed by whatever the dire need of the moment is and "my do it" followed by pitiful pleas for help and another "my do it." I'm ready for something different, whether out of curiosity or just sheer stubbornness (the latter is the most likely).

He's still up there. I just heard him scream. I told him to come down for breakfast when he's ready. It's been almost two hours. I'll keep you posted.

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Mary Ellen said...

I can totally "hear" your frustration! My 3 yo is a handful at times. He draws on the walls, floors, furniture with whatever crayon/marker/pen he finds. He throws everything too! It's a good thing he's cute...